Marie-Anne Oudejans


Marie-Anne Oudejans was born in the Netherlands (Holland) in 1964.

Her dresses are simple pretty shift shapes, cut from cotton or silk sari fabrics, trimmed with broderie anglaise and in soft candy colours. The one shown here us from 1994 and is worn by supermodel Helena Christensen.

Marie-Anne Oudejans started her fashion career as a stylist in Paris in the early 1990's. She started making dresses for her friends as favours.

They became a fashion by chance in 1993, when models demanded dresses of their own, and people started asking where they could get them. In style, they are very similar to Lilly Pulitzer dresses of the 1960's.

Marie-Anne called her label "Tocca" and has now set up shops in London and other cities, besides the U.S. Tocca sells garments as well as linen home products and beauty products. We are including Tocca in our Design houses section also.

Here is a cartoon-type painting by Michael Bolderi, of Marie-Anne Oudejans at work.

Marie-Anne lives and works in New York. In 1999 she collaborated with artist Julian Schnobel to introduce a line which they called Loch Ness Couture.

She continually supplies her clothes very successfully. In September 2005 during New York fashion week, she presented a collection at her showroom.

A brown and white striped cotton dress from this collection is pictured here on the left. It was among many wearable and pretty dresses which she makes.


1998 Tocca Eau de Touch (W)