Madeleine Cheruit was born in France in the 1880's. Initially, she trained with the couture house of Raudnitz in Paris.

Around 1906, she opened her own house in the Place Vendome and became well known in 1914 for her walking suits and afternoon dresses. The illustration on top right is from 1910.

This illustration on the left is from the Paris fashion magazine Gazette du Bon Ton, from 1914.

After World War I, she designed cinema capes and full evening skirts. In 1925, she created handpainted Cubist-inspired dresses. Many of Cheruit's gowns were heavily ornamented and embroidered. Her aristocratic Parisian clientele favoured her richly ornamented dresses. Fascinated by the effect of light on fabric, she worked with lustrous taffeta, glowing lame and silvery gauze.

Her gowns were very popular for about 20 years but in the mid-20's when less complicated attire became fashionable, Cheruits's designs started to lose their appeal.

The house closed in 1935 when Schiaparelli took over her premises.