Liza Bruce was born in New York, USA in 1955 and met her husband Nicholas when she was still at school. He is a St. Martins trained British designer of furniture. Liza's father was an engineer who worked on Cadillacs and Lincolns and she is as fascinated by good car design as she is with good body design.

She started her own company in New York in 1981, after attracting attention with the sophisticated swimwear she designed for herself and her friends. Apart from innovative designs, she has also used unusual fabrics like a thick lustre crepe, and a crinkle crepe mixed with Lycra. She also uses mohair and silk/Lycra mixes.

In 1988, she expanded her range to include daywear like jackets and tunics. She makes easy-to-wear, easy-to-pack clothes which cling to the body. Do not expect to find accessories dotted around her shop, no, the Liza Bruce customer not only has a streamlined figure, but minimalist tastes.

Her London shop, is filled with stretchy modern clothes, colour-filled walls and a laid-back atmosphere which aims to inspire a sense of joy.